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Research project title

Additive manufacturing technologies for high-performance and high-productivity of multifunctional composite structures and their sustainability for aerospace applications

Education level

All education levels accepted


Director: Daniel Therriault

Co-director(s): Martin Lévesque, Frédérick Gosselin, Sampada Bodkhe, David Mélançon

End of display

August 31, 2024

Areas of expertise


Physical chemistry

Advanced manufacturing

Rheology and processing


Mechanical systems and instrumentation

Solid mechanics

Modelling, simulation and finite element methods




Primary sphere of excellence in research

Innovative Materials

Secondary sphere(s) of excellence in research

Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Sustainable Transport and Infrastructures

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory for Multi-scale Mechanics (LM2)


The chosen candidates wil be expected to:

  • Have a background in mechanical or aerospace engineering (e.g., bachelor's, master's or PhD in a relevant field depending on the project);
  • Have a background in materials science, solid mechanics, and rheology behavior of polymer composites;
  • Have experience with mechanical and microscopy characterization;
  • Cary out pro-actively their research projects under the supervision of the professors;
  • Participate in meetings (e.g., individual meetings with the supervisors, LMgroup meetings, videocalls and in-person meetings with the industrial partners) and other activities related to the well-being of the lab;
  • Prepare technical reports, write peer-reviewed journal publications, participate to international conferences, etc.;
  • Participate in visits or interships at the industrial partners.

LM2 promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within a lively and open-minded environment. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates, including students from diverse backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, cognitive and physical abilities, religions, etc.

To apply, interested candidates should complete an online Google form ( and submit an application package consisting of:

  • Cover/motivation letter (1 page);
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Copy of up to 3 most significant research contributions (e.g., journal papers, conference proceedings, if any);
  • Names and contact information of 2 references;
  • Most recent undergraduate and graduate transcripts;


Dr. Rouhollah D. Farahani (Project Manager of the FACMO 2)

Research Associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal

Detailed description

The Laboratory for Multiscale Mechanics (LM2) ( in the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( and Prof. Keivanpour from the Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal seek candidates for a 5-year large-collaborative project. More specifically, the team is recruiting to fill 1 master’s, 8 PhD and 2 postdoctoral fellowship positions in the interdisciplinary field of additive manufacturing for the project entitled “Additive manufacturing technologies for high-performance and high-productivity of multifunctional composite structures and their sustainability for aerospace applications”.The recruited candidates will join a vibrant and collaborative environment within the LM2 research group, co-directed by Prof. Daniel Therriault, Prof. Martin Levesque, Prof. Frederick Gosselin, Prof. Sampada Bodkhe and Prof. David Melancon. The candidates will be involved in a 5-year large-collaborative project at the heart of a diversified academic research team at Polytechnique Montreal and three industrial partners: Safran Group (France), Dyze Design Inc. and Comet Technology Canada. The project covers both experiments and numerical modeling for the design, manufacturing and characterization of reinforced polymer composites using advanced additive manufacturing processes for aerospace applications.

Projects supervised or co-supervised by Prof. Daniel Therriault (all except PhD-8)


Area of expertise / Essential qualifications


Development of an advanced and fully instrumented FFF (fused filament fabrication) manufacturing platform for high temperature polymer composites

Hands-on attitude with mechanical or aerospace engineering background or very strong interest in mechatronics, polymer composites and their characterization techniques and additive manufacturing


Design and optimization of a high-flow pellet-extrusion head for a 6-axis robotic additive manufacturing process

Background in materials science and be familiar with rheology behavior of polymer composites and numerical modeling and simulations. Being familiar with commercial software Fluent is an asset.


Development of a fully instrumented FGF manufacturing platform and in situ process monitoring

Background in mechanical or electrical engineering with a background in mechatronics with solid programming skills and numerical modeling


Prediction of interfacial behavior of filaments in 3D printed fiber-reinforced composites

Background in mechanical or aerospace engineering with strong knowledge in numerical modelling. Knowledge on polymer composites is an asset.


Investigation of the multi-scale modelling of fracture in additively manufactured composites - phase field modeling approach

Mechanical or aerospace engineering with strong background in numerical modeling and hands-on attitude


Investigation of the interfacial strength properties of additively manufactured composites

Background in engineering physics or mechanical engineering with a hands-on attitude and strong knowledge in numerical simulations and programming skills


Investigation of the rheological behavior and printability by Direct-Ink Writing of thermosetting materials using a multinozzle printing head

Background in chemical/polymer engineering or materials science and be familiar with computer-aided modeling and rheology of polymer composites


Development of a customized tool for assessing and optimizing the circularity of the printed parts in FFF and FGF processes

Strong background in chemical/polymer or industrial engineering and familiar with mechanical testing, rheology, melt-mixing of polymer composites and their additive manufacturing and characterization. Knowledge on recycling and life cycle analysis of polymers is an asset.


Realization of the scientific study on the interface strength with respect to the fabrication process conditions

Background in materials science or chemical engineering with a hands-on attitude and familiar with mechanical and microscopy characterization


Development of the thermal management infrastructure: using FE numerical methods to simulate the heat transfer during the FFF process

PhD in mechanical or aerospace engineering or engineering physics with a strong expertise in numerical modeling and mechanical design, and a hands-on attitude


Development of a novel deposition approach for thermoset materials to manufacture more complex features for the realization of the acoustic demonstrator

PhD in mechanical engineering with an expertise in mechanical design and programming and hands-on attitude

Financing possibility

Annual financial support (in CAD) is $22,000, $26,000, and $70,000 (including social benefits) for master's, PhD, and post-doctoral fellowship, respectively.


Project Description

Daniel Therriault

Daniel Therriault

Full Professor

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