International Students

System of Compulsory Insurance

All international students are automatically enrolled in Polytechnique Montréal's health care and hopsitalization insurance plan (ASHEE - assurance santé et hospitalisation des étudiants étrangers) from the time they register. The only means to unenroll is to present proof of exemption to the Registrar by the appropriate dates (for more information, please consult this page of the website).

Insurance coverage is individual and cannot be extended to your accompanying family members. A number of insurance companies offer family medical coverage. However, students must continue to subscribe to Polytechnique's mandatory insurance unless they can prove that they hold a family insurance policy as described on our website.

Should you have questions regarding ASHEE and cannot find the answer on this page, write to: 

Eligible expenses

Note that the university's health insurance plan covers medical and hospital fees only, as well as prescription medications, and other products/items normally covered by the Quebec public health care system (RAMQ). The Polytechnique plan does not cover dental or eye care (eyeglasses). The plan does include repatriation coverage in the event of death or disability.

Note that the coverage is limited in the case of pre-existing conditions (i.e. medical conditions, including pregnancies, for which symptoms appeared prior to the onset of the coverage).  It is your responsibility to contact the insurer before your departure in order to verify whether you could be subject to such limitations.

Coverage & Cost

During your first year at Polytechnique, health insurance fees will automatically be added to your tuition fees during your first trimester. If you are registered in a degree-granting program, in subsequent years, your insurance for the whole year will be billed during the Fall term. Your coverage starts on the day you arrive in Québec, provided your arrival date is not sooner than the below coverage start dates for each term.

If you arrive in Canada before these dates, you are responsible for buying a visitor insurance that will cover emergency cares in case of an illness or accident, until Polytechnique's insurance can begin. You can buy such coverage in your country before leaving, or upon arrival, from one of the companies mentioned on this page.  

2019-2020 Insurance premium dates and costs

  • Autumn: Coverage starts upon arrival - but no sooner than August 15th. From Aug.15 2019 until Aug.31 2020, cost of coverage is $900
  • Winter: Coverage starts upon arrival - but no sooner than December 15th. From Dec.15 2019 until Aug. 31 2020, cost of coverage is $600
  • Summer: Coverage starts upon arrival - but no sooner than April 15th. From April 15 2020 until Aug. 31st 2020, cost of coverage is $300

    One-term exchange students pay $375 for Winter 2020

Receiving your Card

During your first month in Quebec, you will receive an email informing you that you may pick up your health insurance card at the Registrar’s Office. If you need medical services prior to receiving your card, the Registrar can issue a temporary document that confirms your participation in ASHEE.

DeTAILS & CONDITIONS of Insurance Policy

We invite you to contact Desjardins Insurance, the provider, in order to know more about your group insurance plan.  You will find their contact at the end of the brochure.

Healthcare Benefit claims

Keep the bills from any medical expenses you incur, and then send a claim to the insurance company using the following form (.pdf - Fall 2018 version).

You can also submit your claims via the insurer's online services.

Where to go

The insurer offers a list of suggested medical clinics should you need to consult with a doctor. You can nonetheless go to any other clinic of your choice.

If you need to meet with a health practitionner, you can visit this page to find the appropriate resource.