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Requesting Academic Documents

Procedure in French only

Attestation of School Attendance

As of now, you may obtain a personalized attestation of school attendance through your online student file. This new function, developed in collaboration with our Computer Services, allows you to avoid line-ups at the Registrar’s Office counters and obtain proof of your school attendance for the semesters in which you were duly registered. We will continue to offer the service in person as well for cases in which requesting organization requires that the attestation bear a seal.

Attestation of School Attendance Form (.pdf)

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

What is it and who is it for?
A code of conduct is a text that defines the moral and ethical principles that the people or businesses signing it agree to follow. The Student Code of Conduct sets out the rights and responsibilities of all Polytechnique students in relation to the policies created by Polytechnique Montréal. Click here to access the code of conduct!