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Séminaire CREPEC - Prof Habiba Bougherara

27 mai 2020 - 11:00 à 12:15
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Towards Suitable Materials for Structural Applications: Natural Fiber Composites and their Hybrids



Prof. Habiba Bougherara

Institution: Depart. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFC) have gained enormous attention over the last decade because of their attractive properties, such as low density, high specific mechanical properties, reduced energy consumption, renewability, and recyclability. Despite these advantages, problems such as susceptibility to moisture and variability in mechanical properties have limited their use for structural applications. This presentation will highlight the new advances in NFC through a comprehensive study about Flax/epoxy composites.  We will discuss some of the challenges facing such materials when tailored for load bearing applications and provide some potential solutions using the hybrid concept.


Biography: Meet Professor Habiba Bougherara

Dr. Habiba Bougherara, an award-wining professor in the department of mechanical and industrial Engineering at Ryerson. She developed a world class research in high performance biocomposites for various engineering applications, including biomedical, automotive, aerospace, and military. Her research aims to enhance the performance of advanced composites through bioinspired design, optimization and multiscale modeling.

Dr. Bougherara made significant contributions in four main areas namely, i) processing and characterization of new emerging multifunctional composites and nanocomposites, ii) non-destructive characterization of advanced composites and natural fibre composites, iii) Multiscale modeling f, and iv) drilling and assembly of advanced composites using conventional and abrasive water jet machining techniques. These contributions have significantly advanced the fundamental understanding of the interaction of microstructure, processing, and performance, resulting in more than 170 peer-reviewed/conference papers, 2 patents, and 10 book chapters. Dr. Bougherara won several awards, including the prestigious Early Researchers Award from Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, Collaborative Research award, YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award. She is also three-times winner of Ryerson Research Excellence Award.