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Research at CREPEC

Members of CREPEC have a wide range of expertise stemming from applied physics, chemistry and mathematics to structural design. These diverse and complementary fields of expertise, create an added value network of knowledge.
To maximise the research potential and the scientific, technological, social and economic benefits for Quebec, the research center has defined 2 main axis and 4 development themes.

Axis 1 : High performance polymer materials

1.1 Functional and smart multiphase materials

1.2 Soft functional materials

1.3 Innovative processes and multiscale modelling

Axis 2 : High performance composite materials

2.1 Design of high-performance composite materials and structures

2.2 Optimization and automation of manufacturing processes

2.3 Development of smart and multifunctional materials

Axis 3 : Eco-responsible materials

3.1 Biobased materials: matrices, reinforcements and additives

3.2 Recycling, reuse, waste recovery, processes optimization, life cycle analysis, integration in the circular economy

    The center’s research activities will focus on different stages of new materials development for each proposed themes. Major efforts are deployed for rheologic models, production of new implementation processes, material characterization, mechanical properties optimisation, production and design of parts, and on rehabilitating materials in civil engineering structures. The objective consists of producing less expensive new materials with higher chemical and mechanical properties than those currently manufactured.