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Our mission

CREPEC’ mission is to stimulate innovation and develop highly qualified professionals in the strategic field of high performance polymer and composite hybrid systems to heighten the scientific, technological, social and economic potential of Quebec.

CREPEC’s scientific goals are to develop the next generation of high performance polymer and composite hybrid systems as well as their production processes and multi-scale characterization. Considering the push towards sustainable materials, this goal will ensure Quebec’s front line position on value added polymer and composite science and engineering.

CREPEC focuses on high level interuniversity collaborations, training of highly qualified professionals, development of industrial partnerships and technological transfer, sharing of unique equipment, the national and international recognition and recruitment of promising new scientists.

CREPEC’s activities stand apart from those of the other centers through its engineering component and a research
focus on the plastics industry of and high performance composites.

CREPEC concentrates on four key application fields:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Packaging
  • Civil engineering infrastructures

Thanks to its critical mass and the complementary expertise of its members (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, engineers, chemists and physicists), the center is able to carry out cutting edge technology research on an unmatched scale. Thus CREPEC’s research can have a worldwide impact in the advancement of knowledge as well as on the development of new, performing polymeric materials and composites.
The center is also a privileged environment to help and assist local businesses in their development projects through research.
The goal of the regrouping is to train multidisciplinary teams answering the new needs of scientific research in order to address in an innovative and “global” approach the issues linked to the development, the transformation and the processing of new polymeric materials, high performance composites and nanocomposites.