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Full Professor
Université Laval
Phone: 418-656-2131 Ext 16321
Expertises Tissue engineering, Biomaterials for divers applications, Polymer functionalization


Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia is a full Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry of Laval University. Pr. Rouabhia is a senior scientist in the field of Immunology, cell biology and tissue engineering. He got his Ph.D in France, followed by a postdoctoral training for 4 years in Canada. He reached Laval University as a professor and researcher in 1993. Since that, he got a scalar ship award for 12 years. In 2004 he was promoted full professor. Up to know, Pr. Rouabhia contributed significantly at different levels. Of these we may list, his contribution as an active member of the research commission at Laval University for 6 years, his position as an associate dean of the dental Faculty for 2 years, his position as a director of the cell biology branch, the FRSQ Oral Network, and the multiple contributions to different funding agencies. Professor Rouabhia is a very active scientist. His research program engulfs different objectives including biomaterials and biocompatibility. The study tools he is frequently using are normal human cells or an engineered human tissue model he already optimized and adapted to multiple human tissues such as, bone, oral mucosa tissues, etc. Professor Rouabhia has more than 100 pair reviewed scientific publications. He is the editor of two books. He published over 20 book chapters and two patents. Through sustained involvement in teaching and research, Professor Rouabhia contributes to student training at a number of different levels (master’s/doctorate/post-doctorate studies). Up to now, over 70 (Post doc, Ph.D and master) students benefit Pr. Rouabhia expertise. Frequently, Pr. Rouabhia students are price winners in local and international scientific meetings. Professor Rouabhia’s research program is supported by grant agencies such as NIH, CIHR, NSERC, FRSQ, Network for Oral and Bone Health Research, etc. Through scientific publications and peer cooperation, Professor Rouabhia has earned international renown

Actual research interests

  • Biomaterials'applications
  • Application biotechnological and medical
  • Tissue engineering

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