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ROBERT, Mathieu

Mathieu ROBERT
Assistant Professor
Sherbrooke University
Phone: 819 821-8000 ext: 63138
Expertises Composite Materials, fibers and fabrics


Mathieu Robert is Professor of Civil Engineering at Sherbrooke University , Quebec, Canada. He obtained his bachelor degree in materials engineering from Laval University and his M.Sc. and Ph.D in civil engineering from Sherbrooke University. He was also post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science of Queen’s University, Canada. He is involved in research with main interests in fibers/matrices interactions in polymer composites.

Actual research interests

  • Development of new natural fibers for polymer composites
  • Valorization of recycled materials as functional fillers for polymers
  • In-situ synthesis and nanoreinforcement of polymers
  • Functionalization and grafting of natural fibers (mineral and vegetable)
  • Nanoreinforcement of fiber/matrix interphase
  • Physico-chemical, microstructural and mechanical study of fiber/matrix interface in polymer composites

Groupe de recherche

Personnel de recherche

  • Patrice Cousin, Associe de recherche