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Industrial partnerships

Industrial partnership is CREPEC's principal means of transfering technology to Quebec and Canadian industry.
Thanks to the vision and innovating capability of our members and the expertise of our research groups, CREPEC can address the needs of all businesses great and small within Quebec and beyond.

Several products have been developed by CREPEC members through such industrial partnerships.
These strategic collaborative ventures aim chiefly at developing new and improved materials and cost efficient processing methods.

Companies collaborating with CREPEC : American Biltrite, Arkema, Artec Technologies, Avior, Bombardier, Bell Hélicoptères, Camoplast, Composites Atlantic Ltd, Delastek, Dow Chemical, Emballage Novus, Epilon, Exxon Mobil (Esso), Groupe Lavergne, Imperial Oil, IPL, Marquez, Nova Envirocom, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Snecma Moteurs, Teknor Apex, 3M ….

Fields of Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive & transportation vehicles
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Packaging
  • Biomedical
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Separation processes
  • Other
Research Collaboration

It consist of a joint research program contract with shared objectives and carried out by your company and one or more of our members.

It is a concrete connection between research & development, allowing you to:

  • Outsource your project and benefit from the latest research in the field
  • Bring our members even closer to the needs of the industrial community.

Patents stemming from the research results are filed jointly by your company and our members.

Research groups

They are coordinated teams of our members or research units around a set of themes which can be defined and carried out in cooperation with one or more industrialists.


As your company requests specific answers to a given problem, the entire resulting investigation will be accomplished by one or more of our members.

It is a contract between you, the company and our member(s).
CREPEC's entire infrastructures are available to our members.

As for collaboration projects, patents stemming from the research results are filed jointly by your company and our members.

Trials & Analyses

This contract enables you to take full advantage of CREPEC's advanced technical and experimental means (physical tests, analyses, measurements, interpretation of results, and more).

  • No know-how transfer from CREPEC occurs.
  • The results are the property of your company.
CREPEC's Know-how advantage

All findings coming from CREPEC's research (new materials, new processes or know-how) can be protected in the form of:

  • Patents, if the findings show the characteristics of innovation, inventiveness and industrial exploitability.
  • Know-how or technical documents if the result is not patentable but transferable to the company.

By granting a licence, CREPEC can authorize you to develop and market its innovations, exclusively or not.