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Future students

Welcome students

If you are passionate about engineering and are looking for a challenging environment, join us! CREPEC has a long experience in R & D as well as in training of young researchers.
CREPEC offers a unique opportunity to increase your scientific knowledge.
With its internationally renowned members, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative research projects, CREPEC will help you acquire the scientific abilities your employer is looking for.

With CREPEC you will not only learn engineering, you will experience it to its fullest!

Research expertise Applications
Manufacturing Aerospace
Mechanical & thermal characterization Civil Engineering s tructures
Processing methods Aeronautics
Rheology Automotive & Transportation vehicles
Morphology Packaging
Polymerization Biomedical
Blends Ultrafiltration
Separation Processes Civil Engineering structure reinforcement and rehabilitation
Computer Modelling Various fields
Others …