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Robot de micropositionnement

Marque / Modèle

I & J Fishnarr EFD Olypus, I&J Fishnar 2200 EFD UltraTM 2400 Olympus SZ2-STU1


The deposition system is composed of a computerized control robot that moves a dispensing apparatus along the x, y and z axis and it is possible to lively observe using a microscope with Image pro software. There are two same microstation in direct-writing lab. They includes some parts as following: Robot: Dispensing Robot I&J 2200 (I&J FISNAR INC) Dispensing apparatus: UltraTM 2400 series, EFD (PAISLEY) Mobile microscope equipped Camera: SZ2-STU1 (Olumpus corporation) Computer : serving as an interface work for programming and making the desired structure with the robot and also for image processing.

Type de test

  • Fabrication de structure 3D

Cet appareil est disponible

  • École Polytechnique, Laboratoire de mécanique multi-échelles - LM2, Daniel THERRIAULT