Welcome to CREPEC

CREPEC is 65 researchers from 7 universities and 5 CCTTs from Quebec, around 300 graduate students as well as an impressive lot of equipments.

The Student Colloquium joins PPS36

This year, the 2020 CREPEC Student Colloquium is organised jointly with the 36th international conference of the Polymer Processing Society.




Welcome to CREPEC, the Research Center for High Performance Polymer and Composite Systems!



  • 7 Quebec universities
  • 5 college technology transfer centers (CCTT)
  • 62 active academic members
  • More than 300 graduate students
  • A wide range of equipment available for members, students as well as industry

The Center is also proud to offer high-level scientific activities to all members of the scientific community. We are talking about Prestigious Seminars, the Annual Colloquium, the Student Industrial Visits as well as the Student Colloquium.