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Resumption of educational activity at Polytechnique as of March 30th 2020

Polytechnique Montréal students,

This message is intended for Polytechnique students who are registered in the Winter 2020 semester, with the exception of students registered in online certificate programs. This message is to inform you about recent decisions made in regards to the continuation of the Winter semester, which has been significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Educational activities will resume Monday March 30th, via ‘distance’ or ‘e-learning.’ Courses will be completed within the dates set out in the academic calendar. The loss of two weeks’ worth of lectures and classes means that every class will now have reduced educational goals. From now until April 20th, online classes may take place during their normally scheduled timeslot, or in differed time.

Modifications to your course objectives – specifically the materials which will be removed from the course, and any possible new assessment methods – will be explained by your professors as soon as possible. The weighting of previously completed assignments and exams should not change.

Remote exams will take place between April 21st 2020, and May 5th, 2020 – the regularly scheduled examination period. Professors may also choose to replace the final exam with an at-home exam, whose due date would be the date of the previously scheduled final exam (at the latest).

Under normal circumstances, grades range from A* to F; given the unique circumstances, professors may decide to use the “Succès” (Pass) or “Échec” (Fail) grading system, which is generally used for courses completed off-campus.

Polytechnique is working diligently to ensure that students are able to successfully complete the semester, given the circumstances.

Should you have any questions, please consult this FAQ page (frequently asked questions) where there is a section dedicated to student questions and concerns. If you cannot find an answer to your specific questions, please email:

Thank you for your cooperation,

Pierre Baptiste, Eng., Full Professor,
Assistant Director, Academic and Research
Polytechnique Montréal