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COVID-19: in an exception this year, capstone project at Polytechnique uses simulation

April 17, 2020

This year, students in the INF1900- Projet initial de système embarqué course will validate their source lines of code on a virtual simulator (image at right) rather than a robot (image at left). If the winter 2020 semester at Polytechnique had continued ...


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COVID-19: Polytechnique graduate students connect online, thanks to a Discord server

April 16, 2020

Left to right: Joffrey Clément, President of the AÉCSP; Lucas Guilhen, Communications Coordinator; Dany Naser Addin, Internal Coordinator and Event Organizer, who set up the Discord server. Since teaching activities resumed online on March 30, students en ...


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COVID-19: Polytechnique Montréal answers the Québec government’s call to provide the health network with personal protective equipment

April 7, 2020

The personal protective equipment picked up at Polytechnique Montréal for distribution to health network personnel. (Photo: Vincent Darras) Thanks to a team effort by the Polytechnique community, some 41,000 pairs of gloves, 8,200 surgical masks, 170 gown ...


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COVID-19: A Polytechnique course maintained… by an Australian virtual microscope

April 2, 2020

In barely two weeks, many Polytechnique teachers had to adapt their courses to enable their students to continue their semester in distance-learning mode. In the coming days, we will be sharing some of their stories with you.   The virtual microscope adop ...


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COVID-19: the Polytechnique Montréal community is involved in more than 10 projects

March 31, 2020

Jean-Romain Roy, Polytechnique electrical engineering student, put the final touches on the prototype ventilator that his team will be submitting in a few hours to the Code Life Ventilator Challenge. (Photo: Jean-Romain Roy) Creating a ventilator… in 10 d ...