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Polytechnique Montréal partners with Espace Aéro, the aerospace innovation zone newly designated by the Government of Québec

May 21, 2024

Representatives of the Espace Aéro innovation zone stakeholders. (Photo: Émilie Nadeau)   Aerospace is a pillar of the Québec economy, generating annual sales of some $20.9 billion and employing close to 42,000 workers. In the face of the climate emergenc ...


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Innovative small modular reactors: The Government of Canada awards funding to a Polytechnique Montréal research project

May 7, 2024

Radial representation of the fast reactor core being studied at Polytechnique Montréal's Institute of Nuclear Engineering. This type of reactor will be used to incinerate nuclear waste from Canada's existing CANDU power plants.   NSERC and NRCan ...


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Sustainable development in the mining sector: Two Polytechnique Montréal research programs receive FRQNT funding

April 4, 2024

(Photos: Félix Gervais; Freepik) The Joint Research Program on Sustainable Development in the Mining Sector was developed to encourage researchers from Québec universities and colleges working in various fields to study the technical, environmental, and t ...


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Research funding: banner year as Polytechnique receives grants and scholarships totalling close to $47 million

March 13, 2024

Polytechnique Montréal Structures Laboratory. (Photo: Alexandre Côté) “Congratulations to top-tier researchers who will get a boost through this vital funding to take their projects to the next level,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Mini ...


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Google makes a major donation of $1.3 million to support the Multidisciplinary Institute for Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience (IMC2)

January 25, 2024

From left to right: Benoît Dupont, Professor of Criminology, Université de Montréal, and Deputy Director – Public Policy at the Multidisciplinary Institute for Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience (IMC 2); Marc Gervais, Executive Director, IMC 2; Isabelle P ...


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Lunar engineering: creation of the Astrolith research unit at Polytechnique Montréal

January 24, 2024

  Comprising experts from all seven Polytechnique departments, Astrolith will pursue the mission of helping to develop next-generation technologies and training the engineers of tomorrow to ensure Canada’s presence in space and lunar exploration, as well ...


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Professor Foutse Khomh awarded a prestigious NSERC Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship

November 1, 2023

Professor Foutse Khomh. (Photo: Sylvie Li) NSERC awarded an Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship to Professor Khomh “in recognition of important advancements to enhance the reliability, fairness, and ethical alignment of software systems powered by machine learn ...


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Polytechnique Montréal and Brazil’s Unicamp renew their collaboration agreement

October 20, 2023

Left to right: Professor Dr. Antonio José de Almeida Meirelles, Rector, Unicamp; Maud Cohen, President, Polytechnique Montréal; Professor Dr. Osvaldir Taranto, Director, International Affairs, Unicamp. (Photo: Denis Bernier) During an October 17, 2023, vi ...


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Canada’s energy transition: $14 million to foster scientific research and governance

October 4, 2023

Left to right: Maud Cohen, President, Polytechnique Montréal; Louise Rousselle Trottier, philanthropist, Trottier Family Foundation; Lorne M. Trottier, philanthropist, Trottier Family Foundation; Isabelle Péan, CEO, Fondation et Alumni de Polytechnique Mo ...