Whether our guides and tutorials are organized by subject or document type, every guide is an essential tool which helps you to find relevant resources and documents.

Designed as quick jumping-off points, our guides and tutorials present a concise selection of pertinent and reliable resources which are part of the Library’s electronic and print collections.

Subject Guides

The subject guides have been developed by our team of specialist librarians. They allow you to find and access quickly relevant resources by an individual field of engineering (ex. civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.).  You can also find general resources which explain basic concepts in science and engineering. More specific guides, which are related to Polytechnique Montréal’s research domains, are also available. And this is only the beginning, as additional subject guides will be added on a regular basis!
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Document Type Guides

Certain document types, such as patents, technical standards, dissertations, etc., are much more difficult to locate than books and journal articles. Document type guides have been developed in order to assist you with this type of search. Each guide explains briefly the highlighted document type and lists numerous resources which inventory of this type of document.
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Miscellaneous Subjects

Please don’t hesitate to explore all the guides  developed for our Library’s users. You can also find and access numerous tutorials which present additional tools and services offered by the Library. Other miscellaneous guides provide information on varied topics such as evaluating documents found, avoiding plagiarism, open-access publishing, etc.