Colombo - Interlibrary loans

The ILL service enables you to borrow documents that are not available in the Polytechnique Library.  You can obtain books and articles from other libraries, with an average three-week delay to receive the items.

The Library subsidizes the cost of the ILL loan up to $15, which covers 95% of all requests. Staff will contact the person requesting any document that exceeds this cost.

Polytechnique's interlibrary loan service, the PEB (Prêt entre bibliothèques), can obtain documents from other libraries that are not in its collection. Interlibrary loan requests are placed and managed through COLOMBO, a document search and request system used by all Québec universities.


ILL Use Guide

 Conditions of Use

1. I acknowledge that the digital document on loan (hereafter "the Document") through Polytechnique’s Interlibrary Loan service is protected by the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42), and I agree to respect all conditions pertaining to it, in particular:

  • Not to reproduce more than one (1) paper copy of the document;
  • Not to communicate the document to any other person.

2. I acknowledge that the Document will be accessible for consultation for a period not exceeding five (5) business days following the date it is first viewed.

3. I agree to use the Document and, if applicable, its print copy (one single copy permitted) for the sole purpose of research or private study, and I acknowledge that any other use may require the authorization of the copyright holder.

4. I acknowledge that infringement of copyright can lead to civil and criminal proceedings.

5. I agree to hold Polytechnique, its officers, administrators, management, representatives, staff and/or assigns, harmless against any action, claim, damage, injury or loss resulting from my use of the Document should it not comply with these conditions, the Copyright Act or any other applicable legislation.

Please note that some organizations prohibit electronic delivery of their documents.

To cancel a request or to renew a loan, please contact Interlibrary loans service.

(514) 340-4846


Please refer to the following  PDF document.