Documents available at the Polytechnique Library

It is possible to borrow most ot the documents. Only items with « In-library use only » marked on their front or back covers cannot be borrowed.  Present your Polytechnique ID card at the loandesk.

Max number of items Loan period
30 documents 30 days

Item due dates are shown on the circulation slip located on the back of the document.  Materials may be returned at any time via the book drop, located near the main entrance to the Library.

Documents can also be returned to the circulation desk (Service du prêt). Documents left on tables in the Library remain the borrower's responsibility unless the return has been registered in the system (via the book drop/circulation desk).

The Library charges 25 cents per document per day for overdue items. All late fees must be paid before any new items can be borrowed.  Once a document has been overdue for 42 days, it is considered lost. The borrower will then receive a bill for the following:

  1. The document's replacement cost (repurchase/rebinding)
  2. The accumulated fines to date
  3. A $30 processing fee

All fees are payable in cash at the Service du prêt. The late fees collected are put towards the purchase of new documents for all users.

Document delivery service (Professors only)

This service allows professors, researchers and teaching assistants/lecturers to obtain our print documents without ever visiting the library. A book can be delivered by internal mail and returned the same way.

An article from one of the library’s print journals can also be ordered and sent to you. Library staff will scan the journal article and email you a hyperlink to it.

Document delivery orders can be sent to :