Registrar's Office


Regular students, auditing students and independent students

Polytechnique Montréal reserves the right to change, without warning, the amounts for tuition, administrative fees, insurance fees and other fees. Attestations and diplomas will not be delivered until the amounts due are paid in full.

Canadian students, permanent residents students and international students

In accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES), Canadian or permanent resident students and international students must pay a higher tuition fee than Canadian and permanent resident students who qualify as Québec residents under MEES definitions.

Exceptions to this rule include French citizens (holds a valid French passport) and a certain number of students from specific countries that benefit from an exemption from the differential tuition fees for international students set out by the MEES, on the recommendation of their government. 

In addition, the Attestation of Québec resident status form may be filled out by any student born outside Québec. If the student meets the conditions to be considered a Québec resident, he or she may be exempt from the differential tuition fees. The legal status change will only be made as of the present semester of registration in which the documents are provided to the Registrar’s Office (Room A-201). No retroactive changes will be made.