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Research Chair in Advanced Waste Recovery (RCAWR)

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The RCAWR aims to develop, integrate and transfer knowledge to help optimize communities' waste-management and -recovery strategies to meet their current and future needs in the perspectives of a circular economy and a life-cycle approach.

It seeks to establish and maintain a team of leading researchers who can produce credible, recognized scientific results that will add objectively to the debate on waste management and help reduce uncertainties.


The Chair's main objective is to close as many waste-recovery loops as possible by no longer considering waste materials as garbage, but as resources to be included in existing or new value chains. The Chair will provide its partners with factual information at the cutting edge of current knowledge in order to support them in reaching their waste-management objectives.

The Chair's program includes the following research areas:

Materials – Resources:Characterize waste streams and model waste flows while considering them as resources.

Process – Recovery:Identify and fulfil the potential of waste recycling and recovery by developing innovative conditioning and treatment processes.

Impacts – Decisions:Quantify the environmental, social and economic impacts associated with the creation and operation of waste-treatment centers and propose mitigation measures.

The RCAWR is supported by the City of Montreal, the City of Laval and Recyc-Québec.

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 2
  • Graduate Students: 11
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: 2
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 1

Specialized Equipments

To fulfill its mission, the Chair will be able to rely on its partners' waste treatment infrastructures, including the pilot pretreatment center to be built by the City of Montreal and which will serve as a full-scale laboratory for research.

External Sources of Funding

City of Montreal, City of Laval and Recyc-Québec


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