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NSERC/Hydro-Québec/RTE/EDF/OPAL-RT Industrial Research Chair on Multi Time-Frame Simulation of Transients for Large-Scale Power Systems

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Research Specification

The Chair's mission is to contribute to the establishment of a new generation of numerical methods and mathematical models for the super-fast and highly accurate simulation of transients in large-scale electric power transmission networks. This research contributes to the development of more reliable and efficient networks. The researched simulation methods have a direct impact on the evolution of modern networks with the increasing integration of renewable energies.

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 3
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: 2
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 2

Specialized Equipments

Real-time simulators, parallel computers

External Sources of Funding

NSERC, Hydro-Québec, Opal-RT, EDF, RTE


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