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Canada Research Chair in the creation, development and the commercialization of innovation

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In today's world, innovation is key to gaining a competitive advantage in business. But Canada's international ranking in innovation has been slipping year after year—from 15th in 2011 to 25th in 2013. Canada is falling behind other countries in terms of its investment in research and development (R&D), its university–private sector R&D partnerships, and its patents.

As Canada Research Chair in Creation, Development and the Commercialization of Innovation, Dr. Catherine Beaudry will examine current partnerships between university researchers and both private sector and governmental organizations. She aims in her research to take a global look at innovation, following the innovation process from concept to commercialization to demystify it.

Beaudry and her team will look at these partnerships from three interrelated angles: proximity, openness and the impact of the resulting research, focusing primarily on geographical proximity in national and international innovation partnerships. Beaudry will also examine how the openness of the businesses and organizations involved in these partnerships affects the research and the role governments and universities play.

By combining these different approaches, Beaudry's work could point to possible solutions that will help Canada close the innovation gap in the years ahead.

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