Renewing your papers and permits

Renewing the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for entry into Canada

IMPORTANT: The procedures found on this website have no official status. Changes may occur at any time without notice. The Law and Regulations of Québec and Canada, as well as the information found on the MICC and CIC Websites prevail over this website.
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The Canadian Visa is a document that allows an alien to proceed to an entry point of the territory to enter Canada.

All foreign nationals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada require a Visa to enter Canada unless they have a Visa exemption.  A permit is therefore different from a visa.  A Visa allows you to enter Canada, but it is the Student Permit that authorizes you to remain and study in Canada.  You do not need to renew your TRV if you do not leave Canada and do not plan to travel to another country.



If you leave Canada but do not enter a country other than the USA, a valid TRV is not required as long as your Study Permit or Work Permit is valid on the day of your re-entry into Canada  (article 190(3)f) of theImmigration and Refugee Protection Regulations – pages 197 to 201).

This exception in no way alters the need for a US Entry Visa when applicable.  For more information on Visa for entry into the USA refer to the Consulate General of the United States - Montréal website



You should renew your TRV if you plan to cross the Canadian border to enter Canada.  You do not need a Canadian Visa to exit Canada.

If you hold a multiple-entry TRV, it will be valid for an unlimited number of entries into Canada until it expires.  If you hold a single-entry TRV, it is valid only once.  Check in your passport for the TRV type that you hold and if it is still valid.

The validity period of a TRV should normally not exceed that of your Passport or your Study Permit.  The validity period of your Study Permit will not exceed that of your CAQ.

To renew your TRV, you will need a Study Permit or Work Permit that is valid for a minimum of 6 months on the day you submit your TRV renewal application.

You must therefore renew your documents in the following order, for each of the expiring documents: 1. Passport 2. CAQ for studies 3. SP (and associated work permits) 4. TRV.

This process should be started 6 to 7 months before the documents expire. See this Renewal Recap-Table for the detailed steps of the renewal plan that we recommend.

IMPORTANT: We discourage you from ever exiting Canada on a school break without a valid TRV in hand, you may be unable to re-enter Canada for the resumption of classes if your CVO processing delays are longer than expected or suspended in your region for a political, economic or a military conflict.  To be absolutely sure of re-entry into Canada and to resume your study program as scheduled, you should always renew your TRV from within Canada before exiting the territory.

Processing delays are different depending on the type of request (see instructions)



WARNING! As of summer 2012, students may no longer submit Visa applications to the Canadian Visa Offices (CVO) in the USA, unless they are residents of the USA, Bermuda or St-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

  • If you are physically in Canada and your Visa Stamped Passport is to be returned to a Canadian address, you must send your TRV application to Case Processing Pilot office in Ottawa (CPP-O) if your Study Permit or Work Permit is valid. This application can be done either online through MyCIC or by mail.

If you are physically outside of Canada and your Visa Stamped Passport is to be returned to you out of Canada you must submit your application to the CVO serving your country of origin or at one of its Visa Application Centers (VAC). Some CVOs do not accept applications in person, and other CVOs require an appointment in person. Check the website of the concerned CVO to find out more about the applicable policy there.

* Some CVOs allow you to file the application in the VAC located in their region, which verifies that your application is complete and then forwards the CVO for processing. Details will be listed on the website of the CVO. Note that the VACs do no processing: they forward your application to the concerned CVO.



IMPORTANT: You should always rely on the CPP-O, CVO or VAC website that you are sending your application to. Be aware that instructions are forever changing.  Always return to the Website of CPP-O or of your CVO/VAC to download the very latest version of the application forms at the time of preparing and sending them.

  In Canada Applicants Other Applicants (Outside Canada)
Specific and Shipping Instructions CPP-O Instructions

CVO Instructions: Check the CVO’s website serving your Region Home > Discover Canada > Visas and Immigration > Visiting Canada

Processing Delays Processing Delays for CPP-O are displayed on CIC website under the category "New temporary resident visa" and are updated every week. The processing delays vary from one CVO to another and are displayed on the CIC website as well as the CVO’s website.  Note however that the CIC website information is updated roughly every 3 months.  The CVO’s own website is therefore usually more accurate.
Payment of fees

Processing fees are $100 as of Feb. 6, 2014 for single or multiple entry visa.

For online application, payment is made through MyCIC at the time of submission, by credit card.

For paper application, you can use the online Credit Card Payment Receipt  or pay in Cash at your Bank in Canada using form [IMM 5401] available by mail order.

Payment instructions vary depending on the CVO policies for your Region.  However, Online Payment, the form [IMM 5401] and personal checks are NOT accepted.
Document Checklist

For online application, you must use the personal documents checklist provided by MyCIC.

For paper application, you must use the list [IMM 5721]

[IMM 5484]
General Instructions

List of TRV Forms from CIC

TRV Guide [IMM 5256]

Also check specific instructions listed above based on your request type.
Forms to be sent

Document Checklist (see above)

Application Form [IMM 5257]: Fill the Onscreen Form in full, press VALIDATE, print and include all pages and all barcodes created.  The barcodes include all of your answer.  The entire form must be validated and reprinted in full if you change one of the answers.

Annex 1 –[IMM 5257 Schedule 1]

Family Information[IMM 5645]

Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable)[IMM 5409]

Use of a Representative (if applicable)[IMM 5476]

Documents to include

Original Passport (online applicants must wait the message in MyCIC inviting them to send the passport to CPP-O).

A photocopy of your Study Permit (unstaple it from the Passport before sending, be sure to staple it back when you get the Passport back)

Photo (write your Name and Date of Birth on the back) as per CIC specifications

Proof of Ongoing Studies from your Dossier étudiantor from the Registrar’s office (A-201)

Official Registrar’s Transcript (A-201)

Proof of sufficient Financial Resources

Fee Payment (see above)

A second envelop with a tracking number for sending the Passport back to you, must be pre-addressed and pre-paid (check the Office’s specific instructions and envelope type accepted)

All additional documents required by the CVO or the VAC (for Out of Canada Applicants only).



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