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Authorization to study

Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (Québec Certificate of Acceptance — CAQ)

International students whose study program in Québec lasts more than six months must be authorized by the MICC. This authorization takes the form of a CAQ, which is issued for the level of education in question and for a set period. Some students are not required to obtain a CAQ. Consult the exemption list to find out more.

You have two options when applying for your CAQ:


You can apply for a CAQ online using the electronic application form.

We strongly recommend completing your application online.

Applying online allows you to:

  • access a personalized checklist indicating the documents to be included and mailed to complete your application;
  • track the status of your application online;
  • receive notification when a new message has been added to your file;
  • immediately download any correspondence pertaining to your file.

IMPORTANT: Remember the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you chose when you completed your application, since you’ll need them whenever you want to access your file.

To complete the online application, you need an e-mail address and a valid VISA or MasterCard (yours or someone else’s) to pay for the processing fee.


If you are unable to apply online, you must fill in the print version [PDF] of the CAQ application form. We recommend that you fill in the form onscreen, print it out and sign it.

Since the application requires your signature as well as original versions of the supporting documents, it is not recommended that you have someone you know in Canada complete the application for you.

The CAQ application requires certain documents. The list of documents required will vary according to your country of origin.

Click here to find out what documents you need.



Depending on your nationality, you may be asked to show proof of sufficient financial resources to cover your stay. For more information on the type of proof and amounts needed, see the MICC website under Financial capacity.

To find out more about financial assistance, consult our website.

Note that the amount of your tuition is normally indicated on your letter of admission. If you are an exchange student, the immigration authorities will take into account the fact that your tuition is paid in your home educational institution. As a result, tuition fees won’t factor into the calculation of your financial capacity. If you are a French national or have obtained an exemption for your fees, immigration will calculate your fees accordingly, upon presentation of your French passport or confirmation of your exemption.



The fee required to process your application is 108 $CAN from January 1st 2014. As of January 1st 2015, the fee will be 109$
Immigration Québec accepts various methods of payment.



Students who are unaccompanied minors (aged under 18 with no accompanying adult) are required by provincial and federal authorities to have a legal guardian in Québec. If this is the case, you must provide additional documentation to complete your application. Please note that École Polytechnique cannot provide you with a guardian.



Be prepared! The average application processing time is three to four weeks when the application is complete (i.e. MICC has received your online application AND your paper documentation, and nothing is missing). Note that the timeframe is the same whether you drop off your application in person or mail it. Presence in Canada does not provide preferential treatment. Mailing times must also be factored into the processing period.


Applications must be sent to the following address:

Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés culturelles du Québec (MICC)
Services aux étudiants étrangers
285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest,
Rez-de-chaussée, local G15
Montréal, Québec
Canada H2Y 1T8
Tel: 514 864-9191

N.B. If you need to renew your CAQ, consult the following page: Renewing your authorizations to study in Québec.

IMPORTANT: When you receive your CAQ, make sure it is valid for the appropriate level of education and contains no errors. You must apply for a new CAQ each time you change levels — for instance, when you go from a language school to a university, a bachelor’s degree program to a master’s, or a master’s to a PhD.

You can start the process for obtaining a study permit.

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