17 avril 2012 - RAPPEL PRÉSENTATION How to write and submit a successful paper

João B.P. Soares
Editor-in-Chief, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
University of Waterloo

 A few important tips on how to write and
submit a successful paper


In this presentation, I will explain how editors select papers that are submitted to their journals, what referees look for when they review them, and how the editor finally comes to his/her final decision.

Most scientific journals receive many more manuscripts that they can publish or even process. It is up to the authors to report their results in a way that conveys their importance to the editor and make their manuscript attractive to be considered for publication.

Publishing is of vital importance for a graduate student: if you do not publish your findings, no matter how remarkable they are, it is like you never found them. These few tips may help you get your paper published faster and with less frustration, which will get you more time to do more interesting research.

Questions, ideas and feedback are encouraged at the meetings.

Mardi le 17 avril 2012
9 h 30
Salle A-622

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