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Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 7116 Fax: (514) 340-4657 Room: M-4225, M-4122, M-4223

Research areas description

In the Ptidej Team, we aim at developing theories, methods, and tools, to evaluate and to improve the quality of object-oriented programs by promoting the use of idioms, design patterns, and architectural patterns. We therefore attempt to formalise patterns, to identify occurrences of patterns, and to improve the identified occurrences. We then try to evaluate experimentally the impact of patterns on the quality of object-oriented programs. We also study the use of patterns during program comprehension.

Research staff

Professors / researchers (1)
Number of graduate students: 18

External sources of funding

CFI, FQRNT, NSERC, FRSQ, SNCF, Univalor, Canada Chair