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Canada Research Chair in Earthquake Resistance Design and Construction of Building Structures

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The Canada Research Chair in Earthquake Resistance Design and Construction of Building Structures executes analytical and experimental studies of the response of building structures to earthquake-induced ground motions. The research is aimed at developing cost efficient design provisions for a uniform level of protection against earthquakes across the country and new construction techniques to improve the seismic resistance of building structures.

The ground-shaking from earthquakes produces severe damage to manmade structures such as buildings, dams, and bridges, with many casualties and significant economic losses. In Canada, we have several populated areas that are prone to earthquakes and the structures located in these regions must be designed and built to withstand the effects of strong seismic ground motions.

Dr. Robert Tremblay is devoting part of his time as a Canada Research Chair to examining the responses of different building systems to different types of seismic ground motions that may occur in various parts of the country. He is also conducting research to improve our knowledge of the complex, multi-faceted behaviour of building structures when hit by strong earthquakes.

Employing the latest available seismological data, Dr. Tremblay is performing numerical simulations of building responses, as calculated using computer models of building structures subjected to seismic induced motions. Large-scale tests will also be carried out in the laboratory on key structural components. These tests are essential to validate the numerical models and verify the performance of structural elements under severe loading conditions. Realistic earthquake loads are imposed in the tests using high-performance loading equipment and sophisticated control techniques.

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  • 1107 Earthquake engineering

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