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Workshop Terms and Choices


The Study Plan – Doctorate (.pdf) form will help you plan the first four required workshops to take within the first four semesters you are registered. These workshops, denominated CAP7001E, CAP7005E, CAP7010E and CAP7015E, will automatically appear on the study plan of the student. As CAP7001E must be attended during the first semester, it will automatically appear on the student course choice for the first semester. Success in these courses will be noted on the transcript by the rating P.

Presence at all four sessions of a workshop is mandatory to get the credit. Exceptions will not be considered without prior consent of the teacher. The notation for these workshop is "pass" or "fail."

The workshops are subject to the same rules as regular courses with the exception of requests to drop a workshop, which must be adressed directly to the professor or to Élise Saint-Jacques, coordinator. No registration fees are charged for these workshops.


All new students admitted to a doctoral program as of the winter 2012 semester, including those admitted following a change of program, are subject to these new terms. Only students who have already passed the course ING6900 or ING6900E during their Master, may be exempted from the CAP7005 workshop.  The grade “X” for exemption with credit recognition will then be applied.