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Social Component

Many student committees organize social activities to help new students integrate into Polytechnique student life.


On orientation day, the Association des étudiants des cycles supérieurs de Polytechnique (AÉCSP) organizes a meal (a méchoui, or roasted meat dinner, or a brunch) to which all new graduate students, professors and department staff are invited. It also offers three themed evening events to help welcome students.

Throughout the year, the AECSP encourages connections by organizing many activities: outings, parties, wine and cheese events, doughnuts and coffee, lectures, and much more.


The Polycultures and Poly-échanges (COPEC) student committees organize numerous learning activities to help international students integrate into Polytechnique student life and learn about the multiple facets of Québec. They are also opportunities to build connections and meet people who may become your lifelong friends or professional contacts.


This program aims to provide new international students at Polytechnique with a buddy. The program supports the buddies by organizing various activities for new students, such as airport pick-up, help moving-in, campus and city tours, help with getting transit passes and student cards, welcome and integration days, discussion nights and any number of other helpful activities. The program aims to improve international students’ integration within Polytechnique, as well as giving local students the chance to create friendships and get to know new cultures.


The Association des diplômés de Polytechnique offers a range of social, corporate, sporting and conference activities aimed at young graduates, senior engineers, Montréal residents and others.