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Doctoral Workshops


As future knowledge creators, holders of a doctoral diploma are held to a standard of excellence not only in their research discipline, but also in their skills to create, analyze, motivate, manage, communicate, convince and undertake. With an eye to developing these extra-disciplinary skills, Polytechnique Montréal has chosen to enrich its doctoral training with a series of workshops designed to help students meet the demands of both their doctoral pathyway and their future work situations.

The training will be provided in three steps laid out all along the doctoral process:

  • Step 1 “Toward the Comprehensive Examination”
  • Step 2 “Toward Dissemination and Publication”
  • Step 3 “Toward Defence and Employment”


Starting in the winter 2012 semester, all newly registered doctoral students must complete the four workshop credits for the first step, “Toward the Comprehensive Examination,” as per Article 73 of the Graduate Studies — General Regulations (document available in French only).

CAP7001E Ensuring a successful doctorate (1 cr.)
CAP7005E Handling of scientific and technical information (1 cr.)
CAP7010E Creativity: yes you can  (1 cr.)
CAP7015E Leading a research project (1 cr.)

Each workshop typically consists of four half-day training sessions in small groups, and practice assignments related to the current and future realities of doctoral students. Grading is on a pass/fail basis. Successful completion of these four non-program workshops must be achieved before the end of the fourth semester.

Following this, students who wish to pursue their enriched training are invited to choose from among the other workshops offered. The credits obtained for these workshops are not counted toward the 90 program credits.


Contact Élise Saint-Jacques at ext. 4631.