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Sherbrooke University

Tel.: 819 821 8000 65136

Fax: 819 821 7163


Saïd Elkoun is Professor of mechanical Engineering at Sherbrooke University , Quebec, Canada . He was a research scientist at Lille University in France. He obtained his engineering degree and Ph.D in materials Science from University of Lille (France). He is involved in research with main interests in correlations between processing-microstructure-properties of polymer films and polymer nanocomposites.

Actual research interests

  • Effect of Process Processing Parameters and Polymer Nature on Microstructure and Properties of Polymer Films
  • Phase Transitions in Polymers
  • Biaxial Stretching of Mono- and Multilayered Polymer Films
  • Crystallization, Morphology and Structure of Polymer Films and Nanocomposites
  • Orientation Characterization by FTIR and X-Ray Diffraction


Films Processing, Mono and Multilayer films, Nanocomposites, Polymers Characterization


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