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Associate Professor

Université Concordia

Tel.: 514-848-2424 ext: 3150

Fax: 514-848-3175


Dr. Rolf Wüthrich obtained an MASc (1998) in Physics (Particle Physics) and a PhD (2003) in Micro- and Nano-Systems from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. His PhD thesis was rewarded by the Prof. Wasserman award selected by the Commision de Recherche from EPFL. He was appointed Lecturer at EPFL in 2003 where he was engaged in teaching and research in the area of mechanical and electrochemical engineering. Dr. Wüthrich published over 75 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and one book in his research field micro-machining of glass using electrochemical discharges. He was invited to give keynotes in international conferences. Dr. Wüthrich joined the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering as an Assistant Professor in 2006. His current research interests focus developing micro- and nano-systems using electrochemical routes. He works on novel micro-machining technologies for a variety of materials, with focus on glass. Another important task is nano-particle fabrication with applications to fuel-cells and similar fields. He was awarded the Petro Canada Young Innovator Award in 2007.

Actual research interests

  • Development of Micro-Devices for Micro-Fluidic, Lab on a Chip, Micro-Fuel Cells and Biosensors
  • Fabrication of Nano-Particles Using Electrochemical Routes
  • Nano-Composites
  • Nano-Structured Catalysts for Energy Production
  • Micro-Machining of Glass and Ceramics by Non-Traditional Processes (Fundamental Aspects, Modeling and Simulation)


Micro-systems, Micro-machining, Nano-particles, Electrochemical discharges, Nano-composites


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