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Sherbrooke University

Tel.: 819-821-8000 ext: 61241

Fax: 819-821-7173


Ahmed Maslouhi joined the mechanical engineering of the university of Sherbrooke on July 2004. In 1983, it obtains a Doctorate of 3rd cycle in mechanics and acoustics from the Université de Provence (Aix-Marseilles-France) and in 1988, a Phd in mechanical engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke. During the period 1988-1989, he was a Invited researcher at the Centre Techniques des Industries Mécaniques (CETIM) at Senlis (France) and also at the Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) of Toronto, in order to carry out research on the integration of optical fibres in the composite structures. During 1989-1990, he was a post-doctorat Fellow at the mechanical engineering department of the University of Sherbrooke. In 1990, it joined the mechanical engineering department of the Faculté d'ingénierie at the Université de Moncton (New Brunswick), in title of professor in material engineering. He was a professor invited to the Institute of Industrial Materials (IMI-CNRC), in 1997, in order to develop research related to manufacturing of the thermoplastic composites and related damage evaluation using laser ultrasonic technology. This work enabled him to obtain the financial support from several organizations like that of the Canadian Foundation of the Innovation for the creation of a laboratory of composite materials and non destructive testing. In 1999-2000, Ahmed Maslouhi acted as head of mechanical department of engineering and during period 2000-2003 was in charge of the academic affairs as vice-dean of the Faculty of engineering of the Université of Moncton.

Actual research interests

  • Fatigue and fracture of composites materials
  • Diagnosis and prognosis of fatigue damage in aeronautical structures
  • Overaging damage monitoring by Laser ultrasonic technique in aluminium alloy
  • interface damage and adhesives evaluation
  • Damage modeling and prediction of fatigue crack growth in aeronautical materials
  • Signal processing, pattern recognition and neural network
  • Damage monitoring by acousto-ultrasonic, acoustic emission and Digital image correlation


Composites fatigue and failure, Damage diagnostic and prognosis, Interfaces, Ultrasonic and laser ultrasonic, Acoustic emission, Pattern recognition


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