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Van Suong HOA


Université Concordia

Tel.: 514- 848-2424 ext: 3139

Fax: 514-848-3175


Dr. Suong Van Hoa is a professor at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Concordia University. He has been working on composite structures and materials since 1979. He is the recipient of the G. H. Duggan Medal of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering for work on Advanced Materials. He is also Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, and the Engineering Institute of Canada. He has written 4 books, edited 1 book and 10 conference proceedings. He has 4 patents. He is currently President of the Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials (CACSMA). He is Editor in chief of the international Journal of Science and Engineering of Composite Materials. He received the NSERC Synergy award in October 2006 and in October 2009, and the Prix Partnetariat from the Association des Directeurs de Recherche Industrielle du Quebec in November 2006. He received the Nano Academia prize from Nanoquebec in 2008, and he was given the title Research Fellow from Pratt & Whitney in 2008. He is currently leading two projects on the development of composite components for aircraft structures for Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd., Bombardier Ltd., DEMA Industries and Delastek Ltd., as part of the Consortium for Research in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ). He is also leader of the NanoQuebec group at Concordia University. In 2012, Dr. Hoa was awarded the NSERC Industrial Chair in Automated Composites Manufacturing, supported by Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd., Delastek, Composites Atlantic, and Emergia Aerospace. In 2013, he was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He also chaired the 19th International conference on Composite Materials. He has chaired the First and Second International Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing in 2013 and 2015. In 2016, he chairs the international workshop on thick composites, and co-chairs the Canada Japan Vietnam workshop on composites. He is chair of the third symposium on automated composites manufacturing, to be held in Montreal april 2017.

Actual research interests

  • Self Healing Materials for space applications
  • Braided composites
  • Stress analysis and Finite element analysis of composite structures
  • Surface finish characterisation for composites
  • Monitoring of shrinkage of epoxies
  • Fiber optics for strain measurement in composites
  • Automated Composites Manufacturing
  • Deformation of composite structures subject to shrinkage and residual stresses
  • Advanced thermoplastic composites
  • Thick composites
  • Flammability resistance of composites
  • Triax composites for satellite applications
  • Polymer composites with good electrical conductivity
  • Polymer nanocomposites


Composites and nanocomposites, Manufacturing, Design, Analysis, Evaluation, Automation


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