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Miroslav GRMELA

Professor / Researcher

École Polytechnique

Tel.: 514-340-4711 ext: 4627

Fax: 514-340-4159


Miroslav Grmela has received his Ph.D. in physics from the Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia. He is an author of more than 200 publications in the domain of fundamental problems of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, and in applications. Fundamental problems: geometrical structures (Hamiltonian, contact, GENERIC) of mesoscopic dynamics and thermodynamics. Applications: molecular simulations (polymeric fluids and granular gases); modeling of thermodynamic and rheological properties of polymeric fluids, suspensions and immiscible blends; non-Fickian diffusion in polymers.

Actual research interests

  • Multi-Scale Modeling of Complex Fluids
  • Molecular Simulations
  • Modeling of Thermodynamic and Rheological Properties of Polymeric Fluids, Suspensions, Immiscible Blend and Nanocomposites
  • Fundamental Problems of Multiscale Dynamics and Thermodynamics


Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Rheology, Kinetic Theory, Suspensions, Nanocomposites


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