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Assistant Professor

École Polytechnique

Tel.: 514-340-4711 #4524

Fax: 514-340-4159


Nick Virgilio is an Assistant Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of École Polytechnique de Montréal since september 2011. He has a bachelor in Engineering Physics (Polytechnique Montréal) and Master's Degree (M.A.Sc.) and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Polytechnique Montréal). He is currently interested in self-assembling processes in multiphase fluids and the science and engineering of soft matter interfaces, applied to polymers, emulsions and gels.

Actual research interests

  • Multiphase emulsions
  • Self-assembly in multiphase fluids
  • Science and engineering of soft matter interfaces
  • Amphiphilic micro/nanoparticles
  • Hydrogels and multiphase polymeric materials with complex microstructures


Multi-phase systems, Surfaces, interfaces and thin films, Thermodynamics, Rheology and processing, Polymers and coatings, Soft condensed matter, Properties of polymers


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