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Student Colloquium

colloque étudiant


The student colloquium is coming soon!

When? Wednesday June 7th, 2017

Where? McGill University's Trottier Engineering Building (map)

How to register? Click here!


The invited speakers are:

  • Prof Adam Duong, UQTR
  • Dr. Marie-Josée Potvin, Agence Spatiale Canadienne
  • Dr. Karen Stoeffler, CNRC - Institut des matériaux industriels
  • Mme Marine Keraron, ROBIC
  • Prof Vladimir Brailovski, École de Technologie Supérieure
  • LCol Claire Bramma, Force Armée Canadienne
  • Prof Éric Loranger, UQTR

4 students are also on schedule:

  • Keroles Riad, Étudiant au PhD à Concordia
  • Cédric Pupin, Étudiant au PhD à l'École Polytechnique
  • Laurent Cormier, Étudiant au PhD à l'ÉTS
  • Nury Ardila, Étudiante au PhD à l'École Polytechnique

The program is now available!

You can find the longer program (with all abstract posters) here!

Student poster competition

Students are invited to present their research work during the poster competition. Three prices will be given to the winners.

The poster dimensions must be 90 x 120 cm and vertical.

You can submit your abstract until May 29th by using the register link above! Here is the "template" to use.