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  • List of graduated classes in composite and polymer science available to all CREPEC students. Click here.
  • CREPEC would like to congratulate the Student Committee for their hard work on the Student Colloquium on June 6th. Thanks to them, the event was a huge success with more than 90 students present. More info.
  • We congratulate the winners of the poster competition at the Student Colloquium who received respectively 300$, 200$ and 100$ cash prizes.

    1st : Adam Smith (McGill), 2nd : Ehsan Rezabeigi (Concordia), 3rd: Xeniya Savalyeva (McGill) and Mathieu Preau (McGill)

  • Who is in the student comittee? One CREPEC student per institution : Nury Ardila Scott Morin (ETS), Éric Audet (Laval), Simon Kwan (McGill), Mauricio Gonzalez (Sherbrooke), et Keroles Riad (Concordia). Picture of the comittee.
  • Submit your thesis on Simulation at the JEC Americas 2014 (Boston, October 2014) and you couldwin the prestigious Innovation Award from the composite industry. You will also have a large media coverage and an all-expenses paid trip to attend the conference. Click here. If you do not have a thesis but would like to attend the JEC Americas Conferences, win yourself a free conference access. Click here.


Research topics

CREPEC is an interuniversity research center joining 50 of Quebec’s scientists specialised in the development of new high performance polymers and composites and their transformation and implementation process according to the two following axis and related research themes.

  • Axis 1 : High performance polymer systems

    Axis 1 of CREPEC’s program will focus on two themes:  polymer blends and bio-based polymers also called bioplastics.

    The first theme answers to growing demands for functional composite materials rather than those with structural or mechanical purposes.

    The second theme answers to growing demands for bio-based materials (and sometimes biodegradable) to replace petroleum-based products.

  • Axe 2 : High performance composite systems

    Axis 2 of CREPEC’s program will focus on two themes:  composite materials and high performance structures and nanostructured composites.

    The first theme answers to growing demands for more secure and economic use of composite materials.

    The second theme answers to growing demands for new nanostructured materials with multifunctional properties.

Whether you are a prospective student, a scientist seeking collaborations or an industrial entrepreneur in need of scientific guidance to help modernize and innovate your company, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. CREPEC could help you benefit from its members knowledge and impressive range of equipment, which could be the first step towards achieving your endeavors.